Прес-центр20 лютого 2017, 11:02

Representatives of State Administration adopt practices from Poland colleagues

The study visit of Luhansk regional state administration delegation in the Republic of Poland within the framework of UNDP project “Recovery and Peacebuilding” “Local government and decentralizationreform” component and UN Women “Governance and reconciliation recovery management in the crisis affected hromadas of Ukraine”will lastfrom 12 to 23 February.

The goal is to study the experience on decentralization and local self-government.

Participants of the program are the First Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Roman Vlasenko, heads of departments and staff of Regional State Administration.

The program provides informative and useful visits to Malopolske and Silezke voivodships.

The first official meeting with organizers was held in Malopolske institute of territorial self-government and administration FRDL MISTiA, where “Basic framework of local government in Poland – introduction for visit” presentation was shown.

Within the frameworks of the visit representatives of Luhansk region visited Krakow city, where theygot acquainted with the work of the Administration of Marshal of the Malopolska voivodship and met its self-government secretary. He told about work of executive bodies and decision-making authorities, regional strategy, socio-economic development and international relations achievements.

On February 15, participants visited Chrzanów city, where they attended The District Center of Crisis Management and The District Center of Lifelong Learning. Then they met with the burgomaster in the City Public Library. He told about the history and cultural traditions of the city.

The trip to Poland is very essential for participants. First Deputy Head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Roman Vlasenko noted that Poland gives attention to professional retraining of citizen, and all learning services are free.

“Working people are foundation of the national economy”, - said Roman Vlasenko.

Also during the visit to Pszczyna town participants of the trip will talk to polish colleagues from Administration of Silesian voivodship. 

The programme provides also a visit to the center of skiing tourism in Zakopane, Krakow technological park and exposure to the work of Malopolske sound and speech center in Niepolomice.

At the end of the visit representatives of the regional state administration will discuss the opportunities of further cooperation of Lugansk region with the Republic of Poland and share their impressions about the visit.